About Hennie Bosman

Hennie was bullied as a child and his mother read about Karate in the Reader’s Digest.
When Sensei Eddie Cave opened the first Karate school in Bellville in 1965, Hennie joined as a shy nine year old. He was fascinated by what he saw and never lost that fascination with this martial art. Initially he found the training tough but kept at it and received his black belt five years later.
After school he joined the SA Police and served as a detective in the Vehicle Branch in Cape Town but in 1978 he resigned to open the first of many karate schools.

General Interests:

Hennie has always had a passion for cars and has enjoyed racing modified and sports cars since 1984..
A noteworthy achievement was that of becoming a single handicap golfer and taking part in long driving competitions.
A highlight was assisting the Springboks, SA Sevens as well as the Sharks rugby teams with special Martial art techniques to break tackles, to hand off opponents and to attack the defending players weak points.

Hennie Bosman as Karate Instructor

Hennie received the grade of 8th Dan Hanshi (meaning “Exemplary Teacher”) in Japan in 2018.
He has visited Japan on more than 50 occasions to attend seminars, train, act as coach and manager to South African teams and as a referee.

He is currently International Chairman of Kyokushin-kan and has the task to assist Kancho Royama to teach in all the affiliated countries worldwide to improve the general standard. He has taught in many countries in Europe, Middle East , USA, Central America as well as East Europe and Russia.
He has been Supreme and Centre Judge at many events of the Kyokushin World Union as well as Kyokushin-kan World tournaments in Kumite and Kata.
He acts as chief instructor to 1000 students in 35 Cape Town based schools.
Hennie has represented South Africa in Traditional Karate, kickboxing and knockdown Karate. He has won multiple national championships both in Kata (form) and in Kumite (fighting).

A particular area of interest is the study of Ikken (energy training) and Ura waza (opponents joint control) as well as Kubudo or weapon training

Hennie as Actor and Stuntman

Hennie has acted in more than 30 films as an actor or stuntman. He is normally cast as the Baddy who mostly dies a horrible death.
He had the opportunity to play opposite Morgan Freeman in Invictus; Wesley Snipes in Gallowwalkers and The Marksman; Sam Eliot in Avenge; Jean Claude van Damme in Wake of Death, Sacha Baron Cohen in The Brothers Grimsby, Olga Kurylenko (Bond Girl) in Momentum, Luke Goss, Sean Bean in Death Race 2, Orlando Bloom and Forrest Whitaker in Zulu with special parts as Telemon in Doomsday and Golaith in Dominion.
He has also had the good fortune of doing many television commercials.