Hennie Bosman's School Of Karate


Formed in 1976, Hennie Bosman’s School of Karate has been a prominent fixture in the Northern Suburbs. Shihan Hennie Bosman, being one of the highest ranked karateka in the world and former World Champion. Our school strives to provide the best possible instruction of traditional Kyokushin Karate in a safe, engaging, and structured environment. Our dedicated team of instructors pride themselves in the development of their students in and outside the dojo. Learn self-defense, discipline, respect for self and others. We offer Karate training at over 30 locations across the Northern Suburbs of Cape Town.

Who Is This For?

Kids 4 - 6 Years

We offer specific training for younger kids with the focus around major muscle group developments, coordination and flexibility through excercise. We practice only basic techniques consisting of strikes, kicks and blocks. This form of training greatly improves concentration and focus.

Kids 7 - 15 Years

This phase incorporates more of the principles and etiquette of traditional Kyokushin Karate like kata and sparring. The progression of grades and belts is great motivation for students to train harder and to reach a higher level of skill, endurance and conditioning.

Adults 16 Years +

Focus on teaching traditional budo karate for adults over 16 years of age. Self-defence, improved body composition and release of stress is some of the advantages. Most adults really enjoy the training itself as it constantly challenges you. Age is no limitation (our oldest member is over 90!)

Benefits Of Karate


Students are equipped with the necessary skills to defend themselves and keep safe!


Karate is about discipline and control. Understanding when and how to use your skills is paramount.


Students learn respect right from the onset of their training. Respect and gratitude is core to our values.

Training Locations

Our primary dojo in based in Welgemoed in Cape Town's Northern Suburbs which is situated opposite the popular Bellville Golf Club. 
In addition we offer Karate tuition at various schools in over 30 different locations.

2024 FEES

The Karate membership is for a full calendar year (12 months) and fees are charged quarterly in advance. 


(1 Class Per Week)


(Unlimited Classes)


(Unlimited Classes)
Please Note:
We no longer invoice in line with the school terms. We invoice 1 week before the start of each quarter (Jan, April, July & Oct). Fees are due on or before the start of each quarter.

Kyokushin-Kan Team of Instructors

Shihan Hennie Bosman
Shihan Mike Terblanche
Sensei Wayne Sylvester
Sensei Ulrich Smith
Sensei Sydney Veremu
Sensei Henry Bosman
Sensei Louis Rossouw
Sensei Anna Veremu
Sensei Nataniel Kohler
Chief Instructor (8th Dan)

Hanshi Hennie Bosman

International Chairman of Kyokushin-kan with more than 55 years of training and 44 years of full-time teaching. Hennie has represented South Africa in traditional, full contact karate and kick boxing.

Founder of the Hennie Bosman School of Karate in Welgemoed in 1979 and since then he had taught more than 16 000 students in his dojos in the Northern Suburbs. Takes a personal interest in every student and always try to lead by example. Passionate about training and the development of his students. Coached and managed several SA teams overseas. Visited Japan on more than 45 occasions for training, coaching teams, refereeing and broadening his knowledge.
Currently he promotes Kyokushin-kan by visiting and teaching Karate throughout the world as International Chairman.
Instructor (5th Dan)

Shihan Mike Terblanche

Mike is one of our most highly experienced instructors in SA with over 50 years training in Kyokushin Karate and 45 years of teaching experience. One of the first students of Shihan Len Barnes, founder of Kyokushin Karate in Africa.
(5th Dan)

Shihan Wayne Sylvester

28 years of Kyokushin Karate experience and 21 years of teaching. A passionate instructor who specializes in teaching children with disabilities. Has visited Japan on several occasions to train and learn to understand Budo Karate.
(4th Dan)

Sensei Ulrich Smith

29 years Kyokushin Karate experience and 18 years teaching experience. A role model to his students who takes a vested interest in their overall development. Always there to assist students.
(5th Dan)

Shihan Sydney Veremu

Twenty three years of training and 12 years of teaching Kyokushin Karate. Originally from Zimbabwe but moved to SA 14 years ago. He is the current SA Full Contact karate champion and has represented Zimbabwe at KWU tournament in Russia. He really made a study of tournament karate and conditioning and preparation for tournaments and is extremely involved in preparing our tournament athletes. He coached the SA Junior team to Bulgaria.
(4th Dan)

Sensei Henry Bosman

Henry started training Karate at the age of 4. He received his Shodan Black Belt at the age of 13.
During that time he won several WP junior titles in his weight division and also received WP colours. He received his Nidan at the age of 17 and Sandan at 23. He was also selected to represent South Africa at the Kyokushinkan World Junior Championship in Moscow in 2011. He assisted with teaching from the age of 14 and completed his Instructors Course. After school he went to Japan for the period of three months to live as an Uchi Deshi at the Kyokushinkan Honbu in Saitama. Here he had to clean the dojo, assist with teaching the children and also did a lot of training. He was fortunate to train on a regular basis with Kancho Royama and the other top instructors and did a lot of training with the top Japanese tournament fighters. He then attended the Stellenbosch University where he received his Degree in Business Science. Currently he teaches full time and oversee the financial planning and control.
(3rd Dan)

Sensei Louis Rossouw

Sensei Louis Years has 30 years Kyokushin Karate Experience and 25 years teaching. Loves every child in her class and has a very good knowledge of personal self-defense. She specialises in teaching Ladies self-defence courses and is one of the top lady instructors in SA.
Instructor (3rd Dan)

Sensei Anna Veremu

19 years experience in Kyokushin Karate and 10 years teaching. She is a mother figure and role-model to so many of her students. Loves to assist with young ones and get great results with them.
(3rd Dan)

Sensei Nathaniel Kohler

Practicing Presbyterian Minister. 19 years Kyokushin Karate experience and 7 years teaching. He really cares about every one of his students and is always there to assist them.

What Our Students have to Say...

Matthew Nel
Karate has helped my child to become more disciplined and confident. Karate has made a positive impact that can be seen in the way he interacts with his peers. He has learnt to concentrate better at school, too, because karate has taught him how to focus better. As a result, my child has achieved the ability to be self-disciplined and respectful. He loves the sport and is enthusiastic about training. Hennie Bosman Karate has dedicated instructors who have a passion for what they do. They make it fun, while maintaining a high level of professionalism.
Mia De Klerk
My daughter was very keen to learn karate when she saw Karate Kid. I found Hennie Bosman Karate and contacted them. My daughter went for a free lesson and was hooked. She has since become more disciplined and focused. She also knows that Karate can be for self-defence, and she has also become more fit. It is amazing for my daughter as she is always excited to go to class and she will be grading soon. She is very motivated to get her maroon belt and looks forward to grading onto her future belts. Hennie Bosman Karate is a great dojo, and the staff are friendly and helpful. They welcome all ages and are very dedicated to the art. I would highly recommend Hennie Bosman Karate.
Massimiliano Gerbi
Karate has helped our son to focus, and helped his concentration improve, as well. His hand eye coordination and his general fitness has also improved tremendously. Max has become a lot more centred; his karate has helped his body to develop in a healthy way, he has become particularly more focused than before. He has become far more confident & focused. I would recommend any parent to enrol their child in karate classes. We found Hennie Bosman’s dojo to be a good fit for us as he teaches his students to be courteous, confident & resilient. It will benefit any child, especially those who may struggle with ADHD or a lack self-confidence.
Ethan Matthews
My son needed help controlling his temper. He was bullied at a very young age and had anger issues. He is also a very energetic child and needed a constructive way to channel his energy, anger, and temper. He also needed to practice self-discipline and learn how to control his impulses. It has also taught him perseverance, respect and that hard work pays off. Karate has been phenomenal for his physical strength and endurance; it has also given him self-confidence. He has developed a very good level of fitness, a love for karate and the ability to persevere not only at sport but at schoolwork, too. The instructors truly care for the karateka and mentor and nurture them. They set good examples for the kids to aspire to and set high standards for all to maintain. I am proud that my son is part of this family.

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